Our Process

Together we Win

phase 1

Research – 1 Week

Within the research phase, we take your competitors and analyze what they are doing and how you can do it better. Positioning you with the best funnel to attract your dream customers.

Phase 2

Design – 3 Weeks

In the design phase, we map out your potential funnel and show the forecasted results from having that exact strategy in place. We will then outline the 60 day plan.

Phase 3

Funnel Creation – 60 Days

Now for the exciting part! We take all our findings and create your funnel. This process may take up to 60 days or more depending on your funnel. 

Phase 4

Run Traffic – 30 Days

A funnel is nothing without traffic. We turn the taps on and start your ads. This is the start of the testing phase and we start to see what is working for your brand. 

Phase 5

Optimize – Monthly

Ads are never evergreen and will always need to be monitored and tested. This is the key part to scaling your funnel and increasing sales. We also dive deep into improving your SEO in this phase.

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