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Brand Design & Strategy

Your branding is important within our strategy. We develop your brand to build trust with customers.

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We take your brand into consideration in every part of the funnel that is created. Our goal is to attract your dream customers and this is why we value your branding strategy and use your images and your brand colours.

However, if you don’t have a brand or it needs updating we can help you create a brand strategy that converts. With your ideal customer always at the back of our minds. We want to create the best results possible for you. 

Social Media Strategy

Don’t have the time to sit on social media all day promoting your business? This is how we can help.

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We are not your normal Facebook & Instagram advert gurus. The campaigns we run for you will be concentrated on getting your dream clients to your sales page.

Creating a goal for your traffic at every point of the funnel. This means the traffic that converts will be followed up with and therefore never missed.

Stop spending money on ads without a backend optimized strategy in place.

Audience Analytics

We keep track of your conversion rates. With our monthly reporting, you will always know your ROI.

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Unlike other agencies, we understand that your conversion rates and return on investment are the reason why you invested in a funnel. 

Therefore we make sure we track all conversions for you and report back on a monthly basis to show you where there is room to grow and optimizations to make. 

We make sure your funnel is converting the best it can. 

Search Engine Optimization

With years of experience we know how important and how pofitable using SEO is to any business.

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The importance of getting found organically is something not many businesses consider within their funnel. 

But by using local SEO and organic SEO techniques we can work to build you higher on the google search page than your competitors. 

SEO is used within youtube and Pinterest and we can help you accelerate your content to get more leads by using the correct SEO strategy.

Monthly we will activate our digital PR link strategy to help your business grow. 

Website Development

We can create your funnel from scratch so you do not have to. Using WordPress as our canvas.

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Creating a funnel that works and starts converting the first time can be hard, and even harder when you do not have the time to optimize and test.

This is why we create your funnel so you don’t have to.

We use customizable tools with no code so we can create seamlessly and test strategies quickly.

Our main goal when creating your website funnel is getting your clients or customers to convert.

Are you an eCommerce brand and have a Shopify store? We also can help improve your Shopify store and create pages that sell. 

Copywriting & Strategy

Sales copy that converts your dream customer is crucial in your website, ads and social media.

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We know how important copy is and will always make sure it is optimized for your customers to convert to sales. 

We A/B test copy through our sales pages, social media ads, and email marketing, to make sure we are getting the best results for your business. 

By researching your key competitors we learn what is working within your market. 


Profit Tracking

Our goal is to scale your business and create the most profit it can make. This is why we track profit.

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Profit is the most important part of your business. We make sure we have this at the core of our business to make sure the funnel makes sense. 

No more throwing money at ads without knowing if they are converting into sales or leads.

Your profit report will also be sent every month. 

Email Marketing

Stop letting leads disappear. The average person needs to see your offer 5 times to convert to a sale.

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Our goal for your business is to get your dream customers to enter their details via an opt-in page and be interested in your product/service.

We then use an automated email sequence that follows up with your customers and shares your sales page.

We use your unique story and offer to then get them to convert to booking a call or purchase. 

This results in an omnichannel approach as we will also be retargeting them on ads.

By using an automated marketing system like this means you will always have leads within your system. You can relax knowing the system is working in the background.


Browse our frequently asked questions to find the answers you might be looking for. 

If you do not see your question here please feel free to email us at – hello (at) bespokefeeds.com we will then try to get back to you within 48 hours. 

What is your payment plan?

We ask for 50% before our research and design phase and 50% before we create the funnel so we can get to work creating. Monthly fees are on a recurring monthly basis.

What is the turn around time?

Our funnel process is on average 60 working days. We gather our research, create your funnel, and run tests within this time. Please see our process page for more.

What does a funnel cost?

Every client is different and unique with what type of funnel they require. We will price your funnel dependent on resources and time to create.

Do I need my media and copy ready before hand?

YES! You must have your images, videos, and copy, ready 2 weeks prior to the project start date. The project will be delayed if this is not received 72 hours beforehand. 



We communicate and make sure we share every step of the process with you weekly.

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